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Social Media Certifications

Hootsuite Social Marketing Professional – Issued 2019 Google Advanced Analytics | 2020 Google Campaign Manager Certification | 2020 Google Creative Certification | 2020 Google Display & Video 360 Certification | 2020 Google Search Ads 360 Certification | 2020 Google Waze Ad Fundamentals | 2020 HubSpot Social Media Certification | 2020 HubSpot Growth-Driven Design Certification |[...]
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Social Media Case Study: Nike’s Dream Big

This project comprised of strategically choosing a social media campaign, in this case, Nike’s Dream Big with Colin Kaepernick. Methods included research and evaluating how social causes drive a social media campaign. After completing research on Nike’s social media presence across multiple platforms, metrics were recorded and evaluated include followers gained, organic hits, surveying influencers[...]
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