Virtual 360 Tour

The virtual tour was a volunteer photo project for another WSUV student, who was using the 3D panorama photos as a way to demonstrate the use and need for virtual tours on campus.

There were many challenges for this project, the first being the use of new technology. I had never used the 3D layout in Photoshop and had to do some research, along with many trials and errors in getting the hang of the software.

Another challenge was finding a place to host the images, and since the technology is os mew the options were pretty limited. Again, research helped me find my way, and I ended up using Kuula to host the images.

Due to the nature of the photos, you must visit the Kuula Gallery to view these in 3D, as they were meant to be viewed.

  • Client:Jonathan Abbott
  • Date:March 14, 2019
  • Tags:photography, digital editing, content, volunteer
  • Project Type:Volunteer Photography & Digital Editing

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