Visual Art Series

Social Identity – Published in the Salmon Creek Journal 2020

On a building wall, “Don’t Give Up” is the content of the message. This sign provided a sense of community-based hope on a medium that is large enough for all the town to see. 

Attached to a tree, multiple rainbow-colored flags are displayed to stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ community. They are a sign of the inclusivity being shared and promoted within our community.

In a neighbor’s yard, this simple sign reads, “You Matter.” These words are meant to send a sign of hope and could be just the right message to boost the confidence of a passerby.

Each of these signs promotes feelings of social identity, of being part of a compassionate group who care, and who will be there for their community.

  • Client:Salmon Creek Journal
  • Date:March 14, 2020
  • Tags:photography, creative, visual identity
  • Project Type:Visual Art Series

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